Lil Freaky – Billie Jean

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Atlanta’s Lil Freaky has returned on a triumphant new track called “Billie Jean.” Using the same title as one of Michael Jackson most immortal hits is a ballsy move, but Freaky simply uses it as a surreal punchline about walking on clouds and moves on, making the title more of a nod than a tribute, which works to its favor. The instrumental feels endlessly dense, filled with synthesized trumpets that roll out a red carpet of sentimental, church-like keys, clicking high hats and booming sub-bass. Meanwhile Freaky delivers a breathless performance that’s full of color, personality and melody that sets him apart from his peers. As someone who’s collaborated with Future in the past, his music feels reminiscent of the Atlanta rapper’s Pluto era with its celestial artwork and sky-reaching production.

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